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 About me

Photography by Ashlyn Stonge

In 5th grade, my class voted me as "Most Likely to Have Art Displayed in a Gallery."

By the time I was a senior in high school, I had my art displayed in The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Galleries in Arizona, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York City.

My Graphite Pencil Drawing; "Morning Coffee," was on Display for the 2018 Art.Write.Now National Exhibit in New York City.

Over 350,000 pieces of art and writing across the country were submitted into the 2018 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards my senior year. Less than 1% were recognized at the national level. Over 2,500 art and writing entries were submitted to my region for Scholastic award consideration.

Only 26 in my region received a national award for both art and writing combined.  Of the 26 national award winners, only 3 were requested for the Art.Write.Now 2018 Exhibit in New York City. My drawing was one of those three.

Hi, I'm Morgan Rose 🥀 

I always wanted to be an artist when I was little (aka, a little rosebud), and that passion never went away for me. 

     After my high school graduation, I went to college to pursue a Studio Art Degree in the fall of 2018. Unexpectedly, I left after the first semester, giving up the scholarships I worked hard for, to pursue a path of my own. Upon making the decision to leave, my advisor told me he was worried I would "be in poverty” if I left college. Additionally, one of my art professors gave a low grade for a project of mine saying “I had very poor work ethic.” I guess he didn't understand how meticulous I am-  how much time it requires for me to create my realistic pencil drawings. Good things take time. (And no, I am not in poverty) 

     Today, my artwork is currently being sold at the beautiful Purple Robin Reserve shop in Lititz, PA and my drawings were sold at some of the best, top-ranked outdoor art shows in the country. (Check out my upcoming show schedule for 2023 below).

Additionally, I was the investor and painter in a real estate house rehab in 2022, and started running my new online Etsy Store. (Check out my art for sale!) I also recently became a brand ambassador for Plexus (a natural wellness company) after health issues starting improving from reaching my lowest point back in 2020. Despite the setbacks I've had, you can follow my journey and see new projects of mine on my youtube channel and other social media accounts!


My artwork largely reflects nature and the world around me. I always find the peace and beauty of God's creation in nature, taking a break from the ongoing busyness of the world. Uncertain of the future that lies ahead, I will continue to create and share my artwork.

Multi-Billionaire Marc Cuban was once asked what advice he would give young people for achieving success. His advice?


He simply replied:

“Find something you love to do, and be great at it!”

“He who works with his hands is a laborer.
  He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
  He who works with his hands and his head and his heart
  is an Artist.”
―Saint Francis of Assisi


2024 Show Schedule

Upcoming shows

Lititz Outdoor Art Show 2024

Lititz Springs Park, PA

Saturday,  July 27th,  9am – 5pm

Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show 2024

"Under the Trees of Chautauqua" in Mount Gretna, PA

Saturday, August 17th  9am- 6pm  &  Sunday, August 18th 9am-5pm

Bethany Beach Boardwalk Arts Festival 2024

Saturday, September 7th, 10am – 5pm

Downtown Bethany Beach, DE

A picture taken at the 2022 Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show of one of my customers, Chris, who purchased my framed Kobe Bryant Drawing.

Commission Work

Accepting Commissions?  not at this time

Unfortunately, at this time, I am not accepting any commissioned work due to current projects and competition deadlines.

When I start accepting commissioned work again, you can contact me below. I receive a lot of requests and might have a waiting list due to the time-consuming process each drawing takes. I will update this here on my website.



My prices vary depending on the commission. I charge custom drawings based on the size, medium, and subject matter desired. This will help determine how long it will take. If you're interested, please contact me and indicate the following: 

Size:  5 x 7,"  8 x 10,"  or 11x14 inches. (these are standard frame sizes) 

Medium:  Graphite (Black & White Drawing)  or  Colored Pencil Drawing

              (colored pencil is more time consuming than graphite) 

Subject Matter:  Please send me a picture you would like me to re-create.

                       I have to use a clear, crisp image that isn't blurry for reference                                 in order to draw it.


I have drawn a variety of subjects, mostly including pets and portraits.

Portraits are by far the most time-consuming. I price by the time and level of difficulty of the subject I'm recreating. If you're interested in a portrait drawing, (like the one pictured left) please read below.  


Holding my commissioned portrait drawing of little Alexa, pictured to the right of me.

Watch me draw her here on my Youtube Channel :)

Note: For a commission with a higher price point (a 11x14 inch colored pencil portrait drawing, pictured above), I can't accept a price that falls under a certain price point. This type of commissioned work is the highest I currently charge, and cant accepting anything under $500 (min pricepoint). I know this price can sound high to those unfamiliar with custom art pieces, but custom drawings can take up to a month or longer to create. It takes a lot of time, as well as accuracy with proportions for facial features to resemble the person/subject I'm drawing. I get a lot of requests and have to be selective with the commissions I accept due to the time required and my schedule. For this type of request, the drawing will always come framed (pictured above). I want to bring awareness to this before having anyone contacting me if that's out of an expected price range. I'm noting this for one of the most time-consuming options. I created a timelapse video drawing Alexa, (pictured above), with time stamps showing the lengthy process a drawing like this takes. It took several months to complete the drawing. I hope this will help give a better understanding to why I price my artwork the way I do. Thank you for understanding! -Morgan Rose



The 2018 Art.Write.Now National Exhibit in NYC



The 2017 National Art Honor Society Juried Exhibition


2016, 2017, & 2018 Galleries located at the PA State Museum in Harrisburg


 The Arts Council of North Valley 2014 Regional Teen Art Competition



Let's work together

Thanks for submitting!

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